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A library for multiphysics solution transfer. (IMPORTANT: This is now a fork of the authoritative upstream above)
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Data Transfer Kit (DTK)

The Data Transfer Kit (DTK) is a software component designed to provide parallel services for mesh and geometry searching and data transfer for arbitrary physics components. With the increased development efforts in multiphysics simulation, adaptive mesh simulations, and other multiple mesh/geometry problems, generating parallel topology maps for transferring fields and other data between meshes and other geometries is a common operation. DTK is being developed to provide a suite of algorithm implementations for these services.


A recent doxygen build is hosted here


Bug reporting and issue tracking are provided by GitHub. Please report all bugs here by creating a new issue.


To use build some examples and tests you will need the DTKData repository which can be found here. Simply check out the repository into the top level DataTransferKit directory.

The current Trilinos state is required to build DTK. You can check out this git public repository here

C++11 support as well as Boost are required.

DTK can be configured for both serial and parallel builds. For parallel builds, an MPI implementation is also required. Both OpenMPI and MPICH have been tested.


The DataTransferKit uses the TriBITS build system distributed with Trilinos with a required dependency on CMake. Sample CMake configure scripts can be found here for various systems. The CTest harness is used for testing.


Several examples are provided for using the DataTransferKit for parallel search and transfer operations. See the examples directory in each subpackage.


The following people have made substantial contributions to the development of DataTransferKit:

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