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ODOT Immersion - Computer Programming for Music Applications
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CNMAT's ODOT Immersion course - Computer Programming for Music Applications

This package relies on three other packages that CNMAT distributes:

Once these packages are installed, the materials in this set of files can be used.


  1. Please first download these three packages and install them into whichever directory pertains to your computer:

    • MacOSX: ~/Documents/Max\ 8/Packages
    • Windows: \Documents\Max 8\Packages
  2. Launch Max

  3. Navigate to: options -> file preferences, and look for the '+' button

  4. Navigate to odot package

    • Add one for /dev - /Max\ 8/Packages/odot/dev (see above for Windows path)
    • Add one for /deprecated - /Max\ 8/Packages/odot/deprecated (see above for WIndows path)
  5. Then download this package by clicking here, and install in the same location mentioned in step 1.

  6. Open the intro file titled 00_maxdata_to_odot, found in Extras -> CNMAT-ODOT-CPMA -> 1_intro and check the Max console for errors. If there are none, you've successfully installed.

  7. Install the CNMAT-Externals via the Package Manager: file -> Package Manager, then search for "CNMAT Externals", the click "Install"

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