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PyCLBlast: Python wrappers for the tuned OpenCL BLAS library CLBlast

This Python package provides a straightforward wrapper for CLBast based on PyOpenCL. CLBlast is a modern, lightweight, performant and tunable OpenCL BLAS library written in C++11. It is designed to leverage the full performance potential of a wide variety of OpenCL devices from different vendors, including desktop and laptop GPUs, embedded GPUs, and other accelerators. CLBlast implements BLAS routines: basic linear algebra subprograms operating on vectors and matrices.

See the CLBlast repository and the CLBlast website for more information about CLBlast.


Non-Python requirements:

Python requirements:

Getting started

After installation OpenCL and CLBlast, simply use pip to install PyCLBlast, e.g.:

pip install --user pyclblast

To start using the library, browse the CLBlast documentation or check out the PyCLBlast samples provides in the samples subfolder.

Testing PyCLBlast

The main exhaustive tests are the main CLBlast test binaries. Apart from that, you can also run the PyCLBlast smoke tests from the test subfolder, e.g. as follows:

python -m unittest discover