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A Python/ffmpeg-based popquiz creator
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PyPopQuiz: A Python/ffmpeg-based popquiz creator

Build Status

PyPopQuiz is a python package to generate popquiz-videos (questions and answers) based simple JSON files with descriptions of the quiz-questions. Such a JSON description could for example contain a song's title and answer which need to be guessed, along with a YouTube-link and two time-intervals defined for the audio and/or video question and answer. It includes features such as only audio, only video, combined audio and video, local files, YouTube links, reversed audio, text overlays, missing words rounds, and so on.

You can install it using pip install -e . and then run the tool, e.g.: -i samples/round01.json -o output_folder

To use the moviepy backend, add -b moviepy to the command line.


Tested on Linux and Windows. Requires Python 3.5 or newer. Requires ffmpeg and the Python packages pytube and ffmpeg-python or moviepy, installed as part of the requirements.


On Windows: Set environment variables pointing to ffmpeg and imagemagick (convert) for moviepy to use:



Patch for no audio issue


The tests are currently still quite limited, but you can already run the linters and/or unittests, e.g. from the root:

pylint pypopquiz test
mypy pypopquiz --ignore-missing-imports
python -m unittest discover test

Feature list / roadmap

Input/output Status
Input source: Youtube video
Input source: Local mp3
Output: Questions video
Output: Answers video
Output: Question & answer sheets
Types of rounds Status
Audio & video
Audio only
Text only round
Beeps/gaps/missing-word round
Special features Status
Reversed audio & video
8-bit/chiptunes audio
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