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PircBotX based Scala IRC bot
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This is a Scala implementation of an IRC bot, on top of

How to install

First, make a configuration file, based on the example.

Use sbt assembly to create a .jar. Then run the bot with java -jar <filename.jar> <path/to/configfile>.

To run the bot without making a jar, use sbt "run <path/to/configfile>"

This bot is tested on openJDK 11.

In the configuration file, the array of bot-admins is used to decide who is allowed to run admin-only commands (currently only !quit in the adminListener). The separate puppet-masters array is used to decide who may puppet the bot.

The listeners array is the most important. This decides which functionality your instance of the bot will have. Every listener has an ignore-channels settings which can be used to ignore all messages from those channels for that specific listener.

Available listeners


This should always be on. It sets the +B (bot user mode that many IRC servers require) on connect, and it listens to !help messages, and !quit messages from bot-admins.

This listener also contains the puppet-master functionality: Use !say #channelname message or !act #channelname message to have the bot send these messages to the channel. Instead of channel names nicknames can be used for PMs. Note: There's no check in place to see if the bot is in the given channel or anything, use at your discretion.


This listener reacts to messages and actions containing http/https links. It attempts to retrieve the <title> tag in html pages and if it can find one, it will send the title to the channel.

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