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How to Contribute

We'd love to see your help in contributing to implementations, or the spec / whitepaper itself.

Contributing to Implementations

The implementations are here.

COALA IP designed as a ledger-independent overlay protocol. So, other ledger plugins (e.g. pycoalaip-ipfs, pycoalaip-eth) are more than welcome!

Contributing to Spec / Whitepaper

The spec is It's a work in progress. Some sections contain the keyword "TODO" and a description of what is required. Feel free to research an unfinished area and write the section yourself.

If your contribution contains information from external sources, please link to those sources.

If your contribution relies on a field that wasn't previously explained, please provide an overview of the field to give other readers the necessary background.

This document has a soft limit of 100 characters-per-line. Respect the limit! For links, only the descriptor counts. The URI doesn't count.

Make sure to follow the existing styles for formatting as closely as possible.

As an overall guideline for contributions to this document document:

  • Think practical.
  • Think in technologies.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Use what's already out there and give proper attribution.
  • Write as if you had to implement next week.

General TODOs:

  • Add a table of contents. Link link to the individual headlines in a tree structure
  • Improve consistency in use of defined terms. Synonyms for technical terms should be replaced with the standard term throughout.
  • Before releasing this document to the public, write an introductory section explaining what COALA is, what its general goals are, why this document matters, what is left to do, and so on...
  • Sometimes this document references internally to other sections ("as seen in the above section", ...). Using relative links, we should point to the sections we're writing about