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Benchmark Suite for Apache Spark

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The documentation for Spark-Bench is all in our shiny new docs site:

Versions And Compatibility

Spark Version

Spark-Bench is currently compiled against the Spark 2.1.1 jars and should work with Spark 2.x. If you experience compatibility issues between Spark-Bench and any 2.x version of Spark, please let us know!

Scala Version

Spark-Bench is written using Scala 2.11.8. It is incompatible with Spark versions running Scala 2.10.x


Follow the Quickstart guide from our docs site. For more details, see the Installation page.

Legacy Version

spark-bench has recently gone through an extensive rewrite. While we think you'll like the new capabilities, it is not quite feature complete with the previous version of spark-bench. Many of the workloads that were available in the legacy have not yet been ported over, but they will be!

In the meantime, if you would like to see the old version of spark-bench, it's preserved in the legacy branch.

You can also grab the last official release of the legacy version from here.