The Metacognitive Dual-Cycle Integrated Architecture
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MIDCA: The Metacognitive Integrated Dual-Cycle Architecture.

  1. MIDCA is written for python 2.7; currently it will not run with other python versions.

  2. To install MIDCA, run the file in this folder using python 2.7.

    python install

    If you will be making changes to MIDCA's code, use the develop option, like the following (assuming 2.7 is your default python).

    python develop
  3. For a simple interactive version of MIDCA, run

    cd midca/
    python examples/
  4. To see how the MIDCA instantiation used in is created and populated, see examples/

  5. For an overview of MIDCA and more details about how it works, see the github wiki ( and/or docs folder.

  6. Questions and comments are welcome, please email