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COMputational BIology and Network Evolution lab

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  1. salmon salmon Public

    🐟 🍣 🍱 Highly-accurate & wicked fast transcript-level quantification from RNA-seq reads using selective alignment

    C++ 689 154

  2. alevin-fry alevin-fry Public

    🐟 🔬🦀 alevin-fry is an efficient and flexible tool for processing single-cell sequencing data, currently focused on single-cell transcriptomics and feature barcoding.

    Rust 131 15

  3. pufferfish pufferfish Public

    An efficient index for the colored, compacted, de Bruijn graph

    C 104 18

  4. RapMap RapMap Public

    Rapid sensitive and accurate read mapping via quasi-mapping

    C++ 85 23

  5. cuttlefish cuttlefish Public

    Building the compacted de Bruijn graph efficiently from references or reads.

    C++ 69 5

  6. terminus terminus Public

    Rust 54 3


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