Main assignment
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COMS30106 main assignment

Setting up

  1. You need the latest version of this coursework.
  2. You need a fairly up to date version of SWI-Prolog.
  3. You need to be connected to the internet.
  4. There is a library file for each part of this assignment in ailp/library directory. Each assignment library (where N is assignment number) holds the functions you will use. YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE THIS FILE.

Running an assignment

  1. Change directory to the root folder (i.e. one that contains this
  2. Update your candidate number (this is neither your user id nor your student number) in the filename and candidate_number/1 predicate in this file. Failure to do so will result in loosing half of the marks!
  3. Start the assignment (if this doesn't work try chmod +x first) with ./ assignmentN:
    • ./ assignment1 to start assignment1,
    • ./ assignment2 to start assignment2.
  4. Consult the file with your answers, e.g. [assignmentN_12345].
  5. Start solving the assignment.
    • To start the web server type command start.. This will give you an option to open a browser. Press Enter or type Y.
    • Go to the web browser and press the Run button.
    • To start with a fresh board type reset..
    • To stop the web server type command stop..
    • Don't forget to use make. and reset. when you have made changes to the code.

Important notes

  • Place all your code in the designated file.
  • Do not change the library files unless otherwise instructed.
  • Do not use start/0, stop/0 and reset/0 predicates in your answers.
  • In your answers you can only use predicates from the library which are exported in the module definition (see the list below).
Assignment 1 Assignment 2
ailp_show_move/2 map_adjacent/3
ailp_start_position/1 map_distance/3
ailp_show_complete/0 agent_do_move/2
ailp_grid_size/1 agent_do_moves/2
reset/0 agent_current_energy/2
complete/1 agent_current_position/2
new_pos/3 agent_topup_energy/2
m/1 agent_ask_oracle/4
next/1 ailp_reset/0
start/0 ailp_start_position/1

Failure to comply with these will result in loosing half of the marks!

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 details are available here

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 details are available here