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Spam assignment automarker

To test your code before submission you can use this automarker.
If your code doesn't work with this automarker we won't be able to test it, what will result in 0 marks!

Testing your code

Please copy your or into this directory and run:


Please do not copy any emails that you use for training. As per coursework brief:

"Since you do not specify the directory with the training files, the program needs to store its knowledge gained during training somewhere, e.g. in a separate file (which you can submit together with your code)."

You can put emails that you want to test your code on in emails directory.

External dependencies


If your program requires external libraries in .jar format please put them in ./lib/ directory.


If you use a Python package that is not available at MVB 2.11 machine, you can install it with:

pip install --user *package_name*

In this case please include with your submission requirements.txt file created with:

pip freeze --user > requirements.txt


Please submit a single zip file with your code and report (in pdf format). To create a zip file for submission:

python /Users/xyz/my_filter

where /Users/xyz/my_filter is a folder with your code (filter.{py,java} and the report).

For this to work VIRTUAL_ENV variable in has to be set to False i.e. VIRTUAL_ENV = False.
If the flag is set to True passing a directory as an argument will result in the marker attempting to test the folder as an unpacked submission. Students should not use this option.

Testing your submission

To test your submission you can execute the following line:

python path/to/

where path/to/ is path to file created with this script.