Source code, results, and links to additional material used in "Is the Web Ready for HTTP/2 Server Push?"
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This repository contains source code, results, and links to additional material used in Is the Web Ready for HTTP/2 Server Push? by T.Zimmermann, B. Wolters, O. Hohlfeld, and K. Wehrle, to appear in the proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT).

HTTP/2 and Server Push

This work is partly based on our previous HTTP/2 Server Push adoption and QoE studies. You can find live adoption measurements and a brief overview at

Additional Materials

A concise discussion of our testbed, the results presented in the paper, as well as additional evaluation and information is available here. Installation instructions on how to run the software used to performed the experiments in our paper can be found here.


In case of any questions regarding the paper and materials, please contact Torsten Zimmermann.

For questions regarding the source code, please use the contact possibilities in the respective submodule repositories.