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Visual Backend Programming Platform
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CONNECT platform is a visual backend development platform aiming to speed up development of async logical microservices (like drastically). The core idea is that async logic is inherently a "Graph" and a representation via a "Chain" (i.e. text-based code) is extremely sub-optimal (so yes the "visuality" is not for non-programmers to be able to play around).

Since not all parts of a microservice logic are necessarily async, CONNECT facilitates injecting sync pieces of code on the fly. However, since sync code is more computationally focused, it is probably less specific to the business logic of the microservice and more a general algorithm, hence probably the best place for it is at the lowest layers in the architecture. So generally it is advisable to attach sync code in form of packages.

how to setup

  • easy way with docker:
    • create a folder, cd to it,
    • run this:
docker run -dit \
          --name connect-platform \
          -p 4000:4000 \
          -v $(pwd)/panel-generated:/app/panel-generated \
          -v $(pwd)/secure:/app/secure \

how to contribute

take a look here.

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