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CORE-POS is the point of sale oriented project under Co-operative Operational Retail Environment (CORE). The code is based heavily on IS4C with a focus on greater modularity and collaboration.

CORE is primarily a web-based, PHP+MySQL application. There are a few C# pieces most of which are Mono-compatible.

The master branch is not intended to be completely stable. Non-developer users would be best served tracking one of the version branches.

Quick Start

  • Install PHP, MySQL, and a webserver
  • git clone --depth 1
  • If desired, checkout the lastest version branch instead of master.
  • Run composer install.
  • Browse to fannie/install/ to set up the back end.
  • Browse to pos/is4c-nf/install/ to set up the lane.



Feel free to open an issue relating to any subject - development, usage, or otherwise. Be aware that:

  • Developer questions pertaining to older versions may be answered with "Please upgrade to the latest release first"
  • Issues that haven't had any response in 30+ days may be closed and tagged Closed Pending Feedback. Re-opening these issues is to provide feedback is fine.

Quick overview

In this directory you'll find:

  • common
    • Contains shared code used by both Fannie and POS
  • fannie
    • Backend tools and reporting for POS data
  • pos/is4c-nf
    • The actual POS
  • scripts
    • A catch-all for utilities that don't fit elsewhere
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