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Service Scales Administration

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What administrators should know about Service Scale Integration.

Service scale integration works by passing specially formatted files to 3rd party software. Architecturally there's little difference between working with ePlum vs working with Data GateWeigh.

Shared Directories

CORE needs to write these specially formatted files in a designated directory that the scale software is monitoring. Typically CORE is installed on a Linux server and the scale software is installed on a Windows server. The Windows server shares the designated directory using Windows file sharing and the CORE server then mounts it via Samba. This share then needs to be mounted for communication to work.


There aren't a whole lot of things that can go wrong on CORE's side of things. If changes aren't making it to a scale or scales:

  • Make sure the shared directory is mounted
  • Look in the shared directory. The files CORE writes there should be removed by the scale software after the files are processed. Depending on the exact configuration this could take a couple seconds to a couple minutes. If these files are piling up and not getting removed something has probably gone wrong with the scale software (e.g., it stopped running entirely).
  • Ping the scale(s). Scales should generally respond to ping.
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