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Metadata for published COSIMA data sets
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Metadata for published COSIMA data sets. Uses the addmeta tool.

To add global metadata and ocean specific metadata to a number of ocean data files:

addmeta -l global/globals -l ocean/oceanlist -m global/model_1deg.yaml <ice_data_files>

globals is a text file containing all the individual global metadata files for simplicity. oceanlist is a list of all the metadata files common to all ocean models. Metadata for individual variables are included in this list for simplicity. They have no effect if the variable does not exist in the file that is being operated on.

The command for the ice data files is similar

addmeta -l global/globals -l ice/icelist -m global/model_1deg.yaml <ice_data_files>

There are resolution specific global metadata files that are common across the ice and ocean models. To process the quarter and one tenth degree models run the same commands but substitute global/model_025de.yaml and global/model_01deg.yaml respectively.

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