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IMGR: integrating superresolution and HiC data

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developed by Marti-Renom Laboratory at CNAG-CGR


IMGR is inspired by the fitting of proteins to cryoEM density maps and integrates different modalities of data to produce accurate 3D models of genomic regions based on imaging data and interaction data.

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Nir, G., Farabella, I., Pérez Estrada, C., Ebeling, C.G., Beliveau, B.J., Sasaki, H.M., Lee, S.H., Nguyen, S.C., McCole, R.B., Chattoraj, S., Erceg, J., Abed, J.A., Martins, N.M.C., Nguyen, H.Q., Hannan, M.A., Russell, S., Durand, N.C., Rao, S.S.P., Kishi, J.Y., Soler-Vila, P., Di Pierro, M., Onuchic, J.N., Callahan, S., Schreiner, J., Stuckey, J., Yin, P., Lieberman Aiden, E., Marti-Renom, M.A. and Wu, C.T. "Walking along chromosomes with super-resolution imaging, contact maps, and integrative modeling" PLOS Genetics (2018) 14(12) e1007872