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COVID-19 in Malta - Open Dataset

This is an Official Open Dataset on COVID19 in Malta from the COVID-19 Public Health Response Team (Ministry for Health).

Number of COVID-19 Tests

These figures include PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests that have been included from 20th July 2020 onwards that have been published.

Number of Vaccination Doses

The current data reflects the cumulative number of vaccination doses, the number of individuals that are fully vaccinated (either received two doses of two-dose course or one dose of one-dose course), and the number of individuals that took a first dose (including of the one-dose course Johnson and Johnson vaccine), reported by date taken.

COVID Alert Malta - Statistics Table

COVID Alert Malta ( is the Government of Malta's Official Proximity Tracing Application developed through a close collaboration between Malta Information Technology (, Malta Digital Innovation Authority and the Ministry for Health. In the first version of this Statistics Table we look at the number of downloads and the percentage of population above the digital age of consent (13+).

Number of COVID-19 App Check Responses

The COVID-19 Public Health Response Team developed a Digital Risk Assessment Tool known as COVID-19 Check. This repository records the number of submissions received through

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This is an Open Aggregated Dataset for the COVID19 Cases in Malta








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