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metacpan puppet configurations

All machines will be setup identically.

Debian stable (6.0.4):

Install from base iso

apt-get install openssh-server git
apt-get install puppetmaster puppet

Should get you puppet 2.6.2

update-rc.d -n puppetmaster remove
update-rc.d -n puppet remove
update-rc.d -n puppetqd remove


cd /etc
rm -rf puppet
git clone git:// ./puppet

To Run (start master, cd, git pull, puppet, stop master)

You may have to run this a couple of times the first time

Get all accounts to update their passwords when login (via sshkey)

chage -d 0 mo
chage -d 0 clinton
chage -d 0 olaf
chage -d 0 rafl
chage -d 0 leo

Copy /home/metacpan/certs directory from existing machine

To test

rm /tmp/puppet_testing.txt

Then follow 'To Run' above and this file will be recreated.


puppetmaster --genconfig


5550 to 5559 ports to play with on test box

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