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Loading… is pointing to Locale::Maketext::Utils #194

oalders opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Olaf Alders Moritz Onken Peter Rabbitson
Olaf Alders

As discussed by @garu and @ribasushi

garu: [00:46:56] hey guys, is pointing to Locale::Maketext::Utils
[08:56am] dipsy: [00:46:58] [ Locale::Maketext::Utils - ]
[08:56am] garu: 00:47:34 opens L:M:U)
[08:56am] ribasushi: [07:28:09] DB will have to be special-cased in the indexer
[08:56am] ribasushi: [07:28:33] as it is part of the caller() API to have package DB; ... snippets

Moritz Onken

just a bug in the /module endpoint. On it...

Moritz Onken

is this the correct document: ?
If so, the indexer handles it just fine, but the /module endpoint needs a fix.

Peter Rabbitson
Moritz Onken monken closed this in 2fbc3f7
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