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xpath-like selectors on endpoints #243

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<sartak> so, given
<sartak> one thing that might be nice is pulling out just a single element in that JSON object
<sartak> if, say, would return "Text-Xslate",
<sartak> and returns the Changes file
<sartak> I wouldn't need to depend on JSON... :)
<sartak> not a big worry, especially if the biggest reason is to get rid of a dep on JSON, but it'd make my API consumption just a little bit nicer
<rwstauner> sartak: I like that idea
 * rafl too
<rwstauner> care to make a gh-issue on cpan-api?
<sartak> sure
<rafl> how about dpath expressions or some such?
<sartak> yeah, or or anything
<sartak> anyway, yeah, should definitely not be limited to just pulling out strings at the top level of the resource
<sartak> could even just be xpath :)
<haarg> given that the data isn't in xmp, xpath sounds like a bad idea
<haarg> you'd have to map it into xml in some way, which is basically the exact problem dpath tries to solve
<sartak> ah, I see
<sartak> xpath has the minor benefit of being widely known, but anything in this space is fine by me
<haarg> xpath/dpath's leading slashes would be rather unfortunate to try to stick into a url path
<sartak> or whatever
<sartak> or %2F%2Fdistribution (ew)
<haarg> yeah, going that route would make much more sense to me if you wanted the extra flexibility
<sartak> or hell, better to name what syntax you're using so metacpan could add another without friction
<sartak> (better xpath= dpath= jsonpath= than select=)
MetaCPAN member,author
is that good enough for you? It proxies the fields query parameter to ElasticSearch. That makes it much more efficient since only the requested data is retrieved from ES.

MetaCPAN member

That would certainly cover simple cases. Nice work!

If we were to add support for something more robust we'd have to try to guard against any sort of excessive evaluation (if any of the expressions allow for havoc like that). I'm speaking generally as I don't know much of what you can do with "${var}path" but i'd hate to bring the server down b/c somebody put some sort of loop or hideous ../find/../find/../find garbage or something.

This less-than-helpful note brought to you Obvious Man™.

I guess it would basically be a matter or reading the docs and determining if things like that were possible (particularly within the maximum possible length of a querystring).


It's certainly helpful, thank you! I will adjust my code to use this feature since it's a clear improvement.

However my actual use case is that I wanted to avoid having to parse JSON. :) Ideally pulling out a single field like (or some different syntax, like ?return=distribution) could just return the bare Task-Catalyst (without quotes too).

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I stumbled upon json-pointer... not sure how well used it is.


This feature works on the /module endpoint so I'm switching Pod::Cpandoc to use it (yay)

However it does not work on the /changes endpoint: returns everything.

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I think I have this fixed, just need to write some tests.

MetaCPAN member

oops, never came back to close this.

@rwstauner rwstauner closed this
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