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Configure Virtual Development machines for metacpan
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How we build .box files for MetaCPAN developers

You are now looking behind the curtain!

This repo builds the .box file which is then used by MetaCPAN developers via metacpan-developer, as a standardized development environment that (once the .box file is downloaded) is quick to deploy and start working on.

metacpan-developer is where you should go if you are looking to use the virtual machine we build to help out on the MetaCPAN project itself.

To build our .box files...

  • Check out this repo

    git clone git://
  • Setup repositories (as per metacpan-developer)

    Use this script to check out all of the repositories which you will need.

    Here we are cloning the official repositories as read only - you could of course either fork any of these, or just add your own fork as a remote to push to.

  • Install Vagrant (ideally 1.2.2) and VirtualBox (ideally 4.2.12)

Each of these vm's builds on the previous VM, see README's in each dir

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