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Searching for X doesn't find X first (where X = DBIx::Class::ResultSet) #207

dotandimet opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Dotan Dimet Oleg Alistratov Clinton Gormley
Dotan Dimet

The first hit for DBIx::Class::ResultSet is DBIx::ResultSet - the similarity in names (both of the modules and in their API) caused me much confusion when I clicked the link and started reading the doc.

All the other hits on the first page are to modules of the form DBIx::Class::ResultSet::somethingElse

Oleg Alistratov

The same problem with Bloom::Filter

There's no description:
nor search result:
as compared with

Clinton Gormley

this is a duplicate of #266

@alien i think the Bloom::Filter is separate, and I've reopened it as #275

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