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/module/<mod-name> should perhaps be /module/<dist-name>/<mod-name> #247

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PAUSE allows two separate distributions (from the same maintainer or two different maintainers) to contain module with the same name, for example:

SHARYANTO-Dummy-Dist1, SHARYANTO-Dummy-Dist2, and LYUMING-Dummy-Dist3 each contains this module: SHARYANTO-Dummy-Module1. should allow looking into each of these modules. Right now: points to module contained in LYUMING-Dummy-Dist3. It is not possible to see SHARYANTO-Dummy-Dist1's or SHARYANTO-Dummy-Dist2's version of that module.


To better keep backward compatibility, there are some other choices:



We want pages to build up good ranking on google and other search engines. In order to achieve that we make the url as short as possible. We also don't want the URL to change to something else when the module is moved to another distribution. You can always access a module of you know which release it belongs to, e.g.


The module/ url namespace should be reserved for whichever instance of the module is currently indexed (i.e., in 02packages). That's an important role. It's unfortunate that it currently serves two distinct roles:

I'd rather the second url had a different root. Let's not muddy the water further.

Doing a search for SHARYANTO::Dummy::Module1 using does show the three distinct releases.

The bug here is in how modules in search results are mapped to links.

All three results have the module name linked to$module
Only the specific instance of the module that's currently indexed (in 02packages) should have that link.
The other results should go to module/$auth/$dist/$

This bug exists in multiple places across the site. For example, looking back at the search results for SHARYANTO::Dummy::Module1 there are three releases listed. Clicking on each of them will show a page that lists the modules in the release. That page links to$module but should link to module/$auth/$dist/$ instead.

I'm not familiar with the code but I'd suggest that there needs to be a method that returns the url for a module:

$url = $obj->url_for_module($release, $module_name, $ignore_index_status);

If $ignore_index_status is true then it'll always return a module/$auth/$dist/$ url.
If $ignore_index_status is false then it'll check if that module in that release is currently in the index.
If so it'll return module/$module instead.


I just got bit by this!

If you fire up you'll see a TODO link right under "documentation", but clicking on it actually opens which is definitely not the file I was looking for :)

While I agree that urls should be as short as possible, I also agree with Tim that "the bug here is in how modules in search results are mapped to links".


This relates to #176 I think? Is it a duplicate?


This has all changed recently - so might be clearer now

@ranguard ranguard closed this
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