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suggestion api #434

david-gang opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Hi all,

This site looks great.
In order to write a search plugin with auto complete for firefox, a suggestion api is needed, which returns a json. Could this be done?



do you have an example of what needs to be returned?


For example in wikipedia
["perl",["Perl","Perlis","Perlis FA","Perlite","Perl 6","Perleberg","Perlino","Perl Compatible Regular Expressions","Perl module","Perla Beltr\u00e1n"]]


I think not.
It has to be in the format described in the following link:

@david-gang david-gang closed this

@david-gang what's the use case for this?


It would be nice to have it as a part of a firefox search plugin.
Then if on the right edgt at the top, you type a query, you will get an autocomplete list.
It has to be in the format described here
I don't know how to explain the use case better.
I need some api where i get autocomplete results

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