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Use fully-qualified links (including version) when referring to a specific version #631

karenetheridge opened this Issue Aug 14, 2012 · 1 comment

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I just released a dist in the last hour, This is now identified under "Latest Release" on my author page, (with the correct version, 0.007). However, the destination of this link is just - which currently is still the older 0.005 release. This link should use the versioned form, as it is referring to a specific release, not just "the latest indexed version of this distribution".

Obviously this difference is only significant for the first few hours after a release, while things are still being updated in the background, however the author page is a natural place to go to find new releases, and I find myself hacking URLs manually quite often in order to get to a new release of something.

MetaCPAN member
monken commented Dec 16, 2012

I think what you are referring to is a caching issue. A full reload should've brought up the 0.007 version. If it shows up on your author page that means that it is already flagged as latest.

@monken monken closed this Dec 16, 2012
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