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dependency list and reverse dependency list mismatch #764

szabgab opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Test-DependentModules lists Moose in its reverse dependency list, but in Moose it is only listed in one of the xt/ files and it is not listed as one of the dependencies of Moose.
The latter is the correct,

Maybe the reverse dependency should have two sections
1) for distributions that really depend on this one
2) distributions that optionally (maybe in a test) use it


Thanks for catching this!
The api query doesn't currently restrict by "phase".
It probably should, but it might be nice if we also provided an option for showing all (or filtering by phase)
because most "Test::" modules would never be found.


I started doing some work toward this and realized I need to increase my ES-fu with some sort of nested or other query. I'm planning on doing a lot of reading this week so maybe I'll figure something out.


Moose doesn't list it because it's in the testing_requires category. We don't show these because they are not as interesting as the rest.
The reverse dependencies show them however, mostly to get an accurate count. Adding an option to filter by phase is certainly a good idea but I don't think the current behavior is broken.

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