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add section if help is wanted #612

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The whole motivation for the patch is at

In a nutshell: add a sidebar item on the release webpage if the x_help_wanted element is set in the META information.




+1 from me also

MetaCPAN member

@yanick Thanks very much for this. :) Can you give me a release this can be tested against?


Dist-Zilla-Plugin-HelpWanted should have the position of 'coder' open. :-)

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This patch alone won't do since there is no x_help_wanted property in ElasticSearch yet.
We can either add that (which I dislike because we would have to change the schema for each of those fields) or we start implementing "tags" for releases and modules.
Third option: we stick the content of META.yml/json files in ES unparsed and parse it when necessary.


Argh! I thought $release was only the straight serialization of the META information. I would even advance that I saw it works on Dist-Zilla-Plugin-HelpWanted, but now that you said that, @monken, you make me wonder. :-)

If that's the case, yeah, it'd be nice to have the straight META information in ES so that we can toy with ad-hocish new fields (like this one) without any major changes to the backend.

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@monken monken was assigned

And I just confirmed that I hallucinated that the 'help wanted' section was showing. I must have checked on a branch where I fudged things to show mock information. I shall never doubt you again, monken. :-)

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@yanick hehe, I've been wrong so many times, I don't mind being doubted at all ;)

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I patched the api to include the META data see the metadata key.
Your code needs some adjustments to get the x_help_wanted from the metadata key.


Code fixed to see the metadata, and rebased to the head of master for ease of merge. Thanks, @monken!

@oalders oalders merged commit 9e5005c into CPAN-API:master
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@yanick Thanks so much for this! The "help wanted" message itself seems a bit subtle. I had trouble finding it and I was actually looking for it. :) Maybe we could style it a bit in a way that catches the eye a bit more.


@oalders Very true. As a first stab, I didn't want to be too bold. But that can change. ;-)

Something else I want to add is a "inquire within" link under the message, which will list ways to actually contact the maintainers if one wants to help (CPAN email addresses of the authors, mailing list url if there's one in the resources)

@szabgab szabgab pushed a commit to szabgab/cpan-api that referenced this pull request
@monken monken index META files in metadata property, refs CPAN-API/metacpan-web#612 17998e3
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Commits on Aug 2, 2012
  1. @yanick

    add section if help is wanted

    yanick committed
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9 root/release.html
@@ -35,6 +35,15 @@
<% INCLUDE inc/activity.html query = 'distribution=' _ release.distribution %>
+<% IF release.metadata.x_help_wanted %>
+ <hr>
+ <strong>Help Wanted</strong>
+ <ul>
+<% FOREACH position IN release.metadata.x_help_wanted %>
+ <li><% position %></li>
+<% END %>
+ </ul>
+<% END %>
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