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Updated favicon.ico for use in OpenSearch #661

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Michiel Beijen Smylers Moritz Onken
Michiel Beijen

Hi, I use Firefox and in the OpenSearch description for metacpan I noticed the old logo.

It turned out the favicon.ico file was still old (the book icon) whereas favicon.png was the new and updated logo (with the red dots).

I converted the .png file to .ico, please find it attached.


This also fixes the icon used with fatal error messages when developing. Currently these use the old Cpan icon, which is confusing. The Catalyst HTML error pages don't mention an icon, so /favicon.ico ends up being used.

Moritz Onken

pulled, thanks!

Moritz Onken monken closed this
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Sep 07, 2012
Michiel Beijen mbeijen Updated favicon.ico f8663a7
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