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The research prototype of GPUvm.


We tested & evaluated on the following environments.

  • gxen stable branch OR latest
  • Linux 3.6.5 kernel
  • NVIDIA Quadro6000 GPU
    • We tested with NVIDIA Quadro6000 nvc0 GPU
  • Kernel mode gdev
    • 605e69e70ce7b4c505be91696612e98649ec383f is tested (In this version, cubin should be built with NVCC 4.2. This is caused by this kernel mode gdev's limitation)
    • 054b48615bb599d9542d0d6552a7c72bdb62c60c is tested
      • But reverting d4a6697583ca3d5606711402be121da0bf9875e2 is recommended since it acquires a lot of memory (since we only support BAR remapping for BAR3 (not BAR1: it is only used for submitting a command request on the NVIDIA driver. Submission requests are trapped by gxen) in this prototype, initializing this memory area takes a lot of time)
  • Rodinia benchmarks

Build gxen

Build Xen part

stubdom cannot be built since we use C++ in qemu-dm nvc0 device model. So in order to build it, try

make xen
make tools
make install-xen
make install-tools

And boost, g++, libpciaccess libraries are necessary.

Build A3 (GPU Access Aggregator) part

A3 is located on tools/a3. To build it (stable branch), try

make -C tools/a3/build

To build it (in latest branch), try

cd tools/a3
cmake -H. -Bout
make -C out

Then you get a3 binary on tools/a3/build/a3 OR tools/a3/out/a3. You can see options by providing --help to a3.

usage: a3 [options] [program_file] [arguments]
  -h, --help              print this message
  -v, --version           print the version
  -t, --through           through I/O
      --lazy-shadowing    Enable lazy shadowing
      --bar3-remapping    Enable BAR3 remapping

Build gdev

To follow the old gdev kernel module build instruction. Generate gdev.ko from that.

Build Linux kernel

Get Linux kernel 3.6.5 from the above tree and build it.

Use gxen

Initialize GPU

Initialization part depends on the host nouveau driver. So you need to load the 3.6.5 nouveau on host environment. At this time, you need to specify the following kernel command line to Host Linux on Xen,

nouveau.noaccel=0 nouveau.modeset=2

And you don't use X-server since it may load nouvea & use it. You need to load host nouveau driver, but it is used for initializing GPU and you must not touch GPU from the host.

And don't enable Xen iommu support, gxen doesn't use VT-d.

Writing nvc0=0

To expose virtualized GPU, writing nvc0=0 to your Xen's hvm file.

Execute A3

Need to execute a3 with an appropriate GPU device bdf number.

Boot Xen HVM with above Linux 3.6.5 kernel

Boot Xen HVM with a virtualized GPU.

In this time, you need to specify the following command to VM's Linux commandline to make gdev works,

nouveau.noaccel=0 nouveau.modeset=2

Before booting HVM, you need to run a3 command with bus number. such as build/a3 --bar3-remapping --lazy-shadowing 0300

Recommend not to load X-server on HVM.

Load gdev module on HVM

And then, you need to load gdev.ko. Follow the gdev kernel module instructions.

Run GPU benchmarks

You can run GPU benchmarks with gxen. For example, gdev/test/cuda/user/madd.


You can load multiple VMs that use virtualized GPU. But the resources (such as channels, device memory) are splitted statically, so you need to adjust tools/a3/a3\_config.h's configuration. And if you change this configuration, remember to build Xen tools by executing make tools and make install-tools.

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