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NOTICE: The following information is for organizations and individuals considering custom design. For licensees using the branding and design services included in their contract, please review the identity, branding, and design sections of the Basic information checklist and/or contact your project manager.

Paid Curatescape projects include customized logo and site design based on the current Curatescape branding. Compare, for example, Cleveland Historical and Spokane Historical. Each uses a variation on the "speech bubble" logo and the Curatescape theme with some basic custom configurations (e.g. link colors, etc.). Adelaide City Explorer on the other hand, designed their own logo, and customized the Curatescape theme using advanced techniques (uploading a separate stylesheet to override and change certain elements of the default design, for example the header and footer areas). Finally, the Smithsonian's Community of Gardens project designed their own logo from scratch and used the Curatescape framework to create a more unique website design.

While the default "speech bubble" branding and default Curatescape theme are included within your license agreement, other customizations may require you to hire an outside developer or designer. In so doing, please keep in mind the following considerations:



For compatibility with the licensed native apps, every Curatescape site must include following plugins: CuratescapeJSON, Geolocation and TourBuilder. As long as those plugins are activated and functional, designers/developers may alter Omeka's display or functionality however they like.

JSON Output

For full compatibility, the custom CuratescapeJSON output for each section of the site must be accessible by the client applications.


Master files for custom icons and logos must be sent to Curatescape project manager in a vector format for implementation in native client apps.


Like any website design or development, the cost of customizing a Curatescape site will vary greatly according to the quality and experience of the designer, as well as your location and the scope of your requirements.

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