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EasyFooTables Content Plugin

A simple content plugin that processes tables preceded by {footables} and turns them into a Footable.

Basic Usage Steps

  1. Install via the standard Joomla extension manager and enable it.
  2. Place a tag {footables} immediately before the table in your article.
  3. Add a the footable class to each table in the article you want Footable to work on.
  4. Configure each column of your Footable by adding data-hide attributes to determine when they are shown or hidden.

data-hide Options

This plugin uses v2 of Footables at this point in time.

Footables V2 is uses data attributes on the column headings of your table. Specifically data-hide attributes are set with via two default breakpoints represented by the values phone and tablet. A third option all will hide the column all the time.

It's important to understand that Footables V2 doesn't actually look at the size of the browsers viewport (screen/window size), it looks at the size of the parent block (div etc). This means that applying the data-hide="phone" to a column is misleading, while you would expect it to only hide the column on a smartphone sized screen in fact it will hide the column if the parent block (e.g. a div) less than 480px wide.

Once you understand that it will make it clearer why the table is hiding/not hiding your columns.


  • This plugin uses v2 of FooTables as v3 is in development.
  • This plugin will load jQuery from CDN if your site doesn't have it (see plugin parameters — you must turn it on, it's off by default).

EasyFootables is a plugin to add 'FooTables' to HTML tables anywhere a Joomla Content plugin will work. So, in articles, custom html modules or components that support content plugins.

For more details see the FooTables demo.


The FooTables jQuery plugin is created by the clever people from and does all the real work.


EasyFooTables is a simple content plugin that processes tables preceded by {footables} and turns them into a Footable.








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