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Extension to clear Varnish cache on demand.

Extension settings

Varnish Server

Comma separated list of IP addresses of your Varnish server(s).

HTTP ban method

HTTP method to send to the Varnish server(s) to invalidate cache. Default: BAN

HTTP protocol

The HTTP protocol to use for the HTTP method.

Cache handling

  • Disabled: No request is sent to the Varnish server(s).
  • Automatic: Requests are sent immediately after a record was saved.
  • Manuel: An icon is added to the toolbar and requests have to be triggered manually.

Strip slash

Strip appended slash in requested url to be able to adjust behaviour in Varnish vcl configuration.

Support index.php script

If enabled a request for index.php?id= script is sent as well.

Logging mode

  • Disabled: No log information are stored in database.
  • Minimal: One log information for each request is stored in database.
  • Debug: Multiple log information for each request are stored in database.

Maximum age of log entries

Sets the maximum age of log entries in days.

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