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OFTest for OpenFlow 1.2

OFTest if a test suite for testing OpenFlow 1.2 [1] compatible switches.
This version is based on the modified OFTest for OpenFlow 1.1 code [2], with fixes for 1.2

[1] https://www.opennetworking.org/images/stories/downloads/openflow/openflow-spec-v1.2.pdf
[2] https://github.com/TrafficLab/oftest11

Getting Started

This setup describes how to set-up an environment to run both the switch under
test and oftest itself on the same machine. For other environments, please
refer to the documentation and the source code.

In order to control datapath communication, virtual links must be set up on
the system. For now this will be four virtual ethernet links. To establish
the links, run the following command four times:

    sudo ip link add veth

This created eight virtual network adapters: veth0 - veth7. By default oftest
uses veth 1, 3, 5 and 7, while the switch should connect to 0, 2, 4 and 6.
First enable the interfaces:

    sudo ifconfig veth0 up
    sudo ifconfig veth7 up

To install oftest, run the following commands:

    cd tools/munger
    sudo make install

To run a specific test, run the following command. Note that at this point the
switch must already be running, and should try connecting to localhost:6633.

    sudo ./oft --platform=local --verbose --log-file="" --test-spec=<spec>

To run all available tests, simply run:

    sudo ./oft

To get a list of all testcases, run:

    ./oft --list

Note: the test suite contains test cases for port queues. As the OpenFlow
protocol does not enable configuring switch queues (only using them), you
must set up the queues before running the tests on a switch-specific way.

Don't run the code auto generation tools! It was removed from make install
because the fields that contain a match field were changed to conform with
the new flexible nature of the match. 
The intention is to change the code generation scripts to adapt the changes.


Please submit your bug reports, fixes and suggestions as pull requests on
github, or by contacting us directly.


[1] OpenFlow: http://www.openflow.org/
[2] ONF:      http://www.opennetworkingfoundation.org/