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@chaorace chaorace released this Oct 28, 2016 · 388 commits to master since this release

CQUI: Chao's Quick UI - Reducing Clicks and Streamlining the Civ VI Experience

Hey folks, thanks for helping me test CQUI, it means a lot and I'm super glad to have the help of everyone I can find! There's a lot of edge cases in Civ and I can't possibly test them all. When something doesn't seem to be working correctly, please do report it! You can report issues in the issue tracker on this Github page, or directly to me via email at or via Reddit PM at /u/chaorace. If you'd like to contribute by fixing bugs or implementing new features, I happily accept pull requests. Any and all contributors will be given kudos in the README and in-game description. Once again, thanks for stopping by everyone!

CQUI Features:

(New in this release)

  • Civ V Style Cityview
  • Great Person panel renovated (no more scrolling!)
  • "My Government" tab removed from Government panel
  • Tech/Civic Tree and Civilopedia now autofocus the searchbar on open
  • Minimap is now 2x larger
  • Minimap expando is easier to click. Minimap now also rolls up when right clicked
  • Unit actions like sell/delete are no longer hidden behind an expando
  • Unit XP bars are twice as tall
  • Tile tooltips spawn nearly instantly

QUI Features:

(Newly inherited upstream from

  • Growth/Amenities/Bordergrowth info baked into city banners
  • "Smart Banner" Toggleable option to display a green icon indicating non-locked citizens, district icons indicating built districts, and lettered icons representing unbuilt buildings
  • Luxury resources are displayed in the top bar alongside strategic resources
  • Food/Hammer progress is numerated in city panel
  • Additional options in the map options panel
  • "Cowboy" Toggleable option to auto-create Horsemen units whenever production finishes
  • "Bad Cowboy" Toggleable option to sell auto-created horsemen automatically
  • Right clicking the action panel (bottom right button) instantly ends turn even when things like production/research/unit moves have not been decided
  • Civic/Tech popups/voiceover are skipped immediately
  • Production recommendations removed


  • Download the release below
  • Find your DLC folder, usually on Windows it is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\DLC

  • Extract the "cqui" folder to the DLC folder
  • In-Game: Enable the mod in the "Additional Content" menu
  • Start a new game (existing games cannot have new mods added to them!)


  • Attacking with cities takes two clicks on the strike button. (This is actually a bug in Civ VI)
  • The two X buttons in the Civ-V style cityview don't do anything. This will change later, but for now right click to exit the Cityview properly. Sames goes for pressing Esc: it doesn't work quite properly yet.
  • None other thus-far!


  • Show district adjacency bonuses in cityview or potentially globally
  • Buttons for cycling cities in cityview
  • Tweaking the minimap further (making it smaller or adding a smallmode?)
  • Making the yields in the top panel clickable
  • Right clicking ANY item in production view opens Civilopedia (currently doesn't work for disabled buildings/units)


  • Vans163 for his QUI mod and the active commits he makes that I love to merge <3
  • The lovely folks over at Civfanatics for their guides, knowledge, tools, and resources
  • The even lovelier folks over at /r/civ for their input and testing
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