Equations from CQuIC members.
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These are the formulas CQuIC people use daily :) Find them in the coffee room.

Thanks to Joshua Combes, Adrian Chapman, Ninnat Dangniam and many former CQuIC students.

To render the TeX file into PDF, you can run make from your command line terminal if you have both a LaTeX compiler (like TeXLive or MikTeX) and the Make tool installed. Otherwise, the normal LaTeX-->PDFLaTeX compiling process will do the trick.

Seriously, what are those equations?

They are the funny names of CQuIC people! This collection was started by our former postdoc, Josh Combes, and others in 2012, and has been updated by CQuIC students every a few years so far.

If you are a CQuIC or even PandA member, you are invited to help update the funny names! You can put anything you want for the names of your own or others. There is basically no rule on making up names, and there is no such a limit on how many funny names one can get and make. But it might be mindful for everyone to keep what have been there on the TeX file and add new names for people who have touched, helped or impressed you in the past and for a memory of the future. Just edit the TeX file online using the Edit button or with a git push. We need volunteers to organize updates and print out the newest version every 1 or 2 years in September to put on the wall of the CQuIC coffee room. Hope you can help!