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Africa's First University Driven Research Weather Radar
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NWU Lekwena GitPages

This is the official page for the NWU Lekwena Radar. The site is deployed here using jekyll and GitPages.


The page is updated everyday using a cron tab to deploy the newest synoptic forecasts and any other changes that may have taken place.

Some practical considerations, in no specific order:

  • The site is static, this has a couple of advantages, but most important of all it is reliable. Keep it that way.
  • It would be wise to contact @h-havenga before doing anything else as he setup the original page and scripts
  • Be aware that there is a couple of cron scripts running in the background to:
    • Get the synoptic data and make the maps in a timely manner
    • Update the website with the newest synoptic maps daily
      • Look at the to get an idea of the github deployment process
  • DO NOT CHANGE the github username unnecessarily as this effects the page and you'll have trouble figuring out the redeployment.
  • IF you DID NOT follow my advice in the previous point:
    • Good for you
    • Change everything in the layouts/default.html from to <>
    • Go to settings in the repository and change the page deployment to <>
    • Go to web host and change to <>
  • Always make sure there's unwilling willing grad student to maintain this.

The Cayman theme

Build Status Gem Version

Cayman is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages. You can preview the theme to see what it looks like, or even use it today.

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