Proof-of-concept implementation of a cryptographic monitoring system.
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Cryptographic Monitoring System

Proof-of-concept implementation of the multi-client predicate-only encryption scheme from “Multi-client Predicate-only Encryption for Conjunctive Equality Tests” in Go.

Please note that the implementation is not designed to be secure against side-channel attacks.

Short version on how to build & run:

  • Install the dependencies for PBC: GMP, flex, and bison
sudo apt-get install libgmp-dev flex bison
sudo make install
  • Install Go
  • Create a directory for your Go code:
mkdir ~/go
  • Set some environment variables:
export GOPATH=~/go
  • Get the pbc binding for Go:
go get
  • Clone this repository into your $GOPATH directory:
git clone <url of repository> src/crypmonsys
  • Build a simple test program
cd src/crypmonsys/cmd/eval
go build .
  • Run the resulting executable. (You might need to run sudo ldconfig first to find the freshly installed PBC library.)


You may want to check how fast the implementation runs on your machine. To run the performance evaluation experiments, use the shell script with one of the curves in the param folder.

Be sure to use only Type 3 pairings otherwise the construction is insecure!

  • d159.param: MNT curve
  • d201.param: MNT curve
  • d224.param: MTN curve
  • f.param: BN curve

Note that no preprocessing is used in the benchmark. Preprocessing would speedup the testing of multiple rules against a fixed set of ciphertexts.


Some simple test & benchmark code is included. To run these tests, first go to the crypmonsys package directory:

cd $GOPATH/src/crypmonsys

To run the tests:

go test .

To run the tests with additional output (more verbose):

go test . -v

To run benchmarks:

go test -bench .