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This set of files represents an update to work originally conducted during the 2018 edition of the UW eScience Institute's Data Science for Social Good Program, in collaboration with ReSchool Colorado and the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

If you are interested in updating with Shiny app with more recent data (or updating the data for your own analysis), see the PDF file named how_to_update.pdf in this folder.

For the 2018 work, see the 2018 branch of this repository.

The original OSR Team members are:
Sivan Tuchman, Project Lead (Center on Reinventing Public Education)
Jose Hernandez, Data Scientist (eScience Institute)
Karen Lavi, Data Scientist
Joe Abbate, Student Fellow
Sreekanth Krishnaiah, Student Fellow
Kellie MacPhee, Student Fellow
Andrew Taylor, Student Fellow
Haowen Zheng, Student Fellow

These 2019 updates are the work of Sivan, Kellie, Andrew, and Haowen. Using updated data on summer programs available in 2019, we are repeating the same analyses from the previous year, and striving to make the results easier for CRPE, ReSchool, and other users to update each year.

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