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Static file website for visualizing glacier data. Uses wintersmith to generate content, and d3.js for visualization.

This website can be viewed at at

Downloading and Viewing a Local Copy

You can download the source code of this website and build your own copy, either for your own use or development purposes.

System Dependencies

To download and view your own copy of this website, you need the following tools:

If you are using a Macintosh, homebrew is a lovely little package manager that can handle these and other installs for you in a snap. Installation instructions for homebrew are here. Once you have homebrew, install git and node:

brew update
brew install git
brew install node

If you do not want to use homebrew or are not on a Macintosh, you're on your own.

Website Dependencies

Once you've got git and node, clone the source code and install the website's dependencies:

# note: if you plan on making changes and pushing them back to Github, use instead
git clone  
npm install
npm install -g wintersmith

Node Package Manager will install all external dependencies for the website. Packages are installed locally for this repository, with the exception of wintersmith, which is installed globally so that you can access the wintersmith executable from the command line.


Once dependencies have been installed, you can preview the website with:

wintersmith preview

This will start a server on your localhost port 8888, by default. To customize the port, use the -p option, e.g.:

wintersmith preview -p 5678

To build the site onto your local filesystem, run:

wintersmith build

This will process all of the source files and build the website directory tree inside the build/ directory in your main repository. To view the site in your local browser, you'll need a simple http server — node has one. To install the http-server and view your website:

npm install -g http-server
cd build/

The http-server will give you a url, which you can then use to view your website in a browser.


We use Github's issues and pull requests for all contributions.

This project is developed and maintained by: