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CRowdCLassic Masternode Windows Hot Wallet Guide + Sentinel

W A R N I N G: The only way you can set MN on Win is when your network interface has external IP. This is because of the way the MN checks itself to see if it is capable of. To put it in laymans terms: you have to actually put LAN cable coming from your ISP into your network card.

First go to and download the wallet after it synchronizes, go to Receive Tab and created an address

Step 1: Sent exactly 1000* CRCL to your address · You must account Transaction Fee · You should have more than 1000 CRCL in your wallet before sending Step 2: Wait For at least 15 Confirmations Step 3: Go to: Tools-> Open Wallet configuration file (It will be empty) Step 4: Copy the below code into the file (let it open)


Step 5: Go to Tools-> Debug Console -> Type masternode genkey and press enter Step 6: Copy the Masternode key in to the masternodeprivkey= It will look like that

masternodeprivkey= 124FqareKkDeXE5NstcVG4xpjvXAgGRA5n4SeeRjTmRn2z9BY8h

Step 7: Copy your external IP (IPv4) address in to the externalip lane It should look like this


If you don’t know your IPV4 just go to NOTE*: You must have Port 12875 Open If you don’t know how to do it google: How to open ports in “your router” and see the guide If Ports are not open it will not work so be sure to open the ports So this is how It should look like but of course remember that you should add your Masternode key and your Ip not the ones provided in the guide Step 8: Save the crowdclassic.conf file and Close the wallet.

Wait 10 Seconds Start The wallet

Step 9: Go to Tools-> Debug console and Type masternode start

OK That’s IT


Q: How do I add nodes? A: Go to Ann thread and select the node List copy it and paste it in the wallet confirmation file Then Save and restart the wallet Your file should look like this:

masternode=1 masternodeprivkey=12TrUZkRjw2X34BBBCoZXuCYvd8FdrMV8SGgg3aAf8ctoXZGh1R externalip=

addnode= addnode=

Q: when I enter “masternode start” is says “Not capable masternode: Could not connect to“ A: This problem occurs when the port is not open or you put false IPV4 Q: Ok port is opened IP is correct still the same message A: Try the same process on another location with a different Router if you succeed then the problem lies with your router For some reason some Routers don’t allow the Masternode to work correctly or not at all. Q: It says masternode not found on the list A: This occurs when you have not properly send the coins at the number of 1000 exactly. Just be sure do it in a clean wallet and make a new address and send exactly 1000 CRCL Q: Where do I see my Masternode A: Go to Masternode Tab and then to All masternodes and search your IP or Wallet address If you can’t see a Masternode tab go to Settings-> Option-> Wallet-? Check the Show Masternode tab


Ok you have your Masternode started But on status it is as WATCHDOG_EXPIRED You need to run sentinel and this is how you do it Pre assumption you completed the steps and have your masternode started successfully Now let the wallet run Download the exe here :

Step 1. Tools -> Open Wallet Configuration File

masternode=1 masternodeprivkey=7qt9zSJWu******G943kK825pnuGPwEDZRjN7ohUdmJUynSK5Qc externalip= your IP is here !--

The above is what you should see and the below is what you are should add Change only the rpcuser and a rpcpassowrd, rest left the same

rpcuser=superuser rpcpassword=superpassword server=1 rpcport= 9917 rpcconnect=

So it should look like this

masternode=1 masternodeprivkey=7qt9zSJWu******G943kK825pnuGPwEDZRjN7ohUdmJUynSK5Qc externalip= your IP is here !-- rpcuser=supercrowdclassicuser rpcpassword=supercrowdclassicuser server=1 rpcport= 9917 rpcconnect=

Now Save and Restart the wallet Let it sync Now the Sentinel you downloaded the file put in in a folder of your wish Right click and create shortcut in the same file Right click properties Go to the path and just after the .exe hit space And paste this: ( this is the path of the crowdclassic.conf that you have edited)


** note USER is your Windows username so you should add your own

Final it looks like this:

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\sentinel-win64.exe "--config=C:\Users>USER<\AppData\Roaming\CRowdCLassicCore\crowdclassic.conf"

Now press ok and double click the short cut you should see this

OK that’s it let the sentinel running minimize after the Pre-enabled mode I now See Enabled status

Have fun

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