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↪️ A self-hosted URL redirector
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GoElsewhere ↪️

A self-hosted URL redirector (think

Note: There is still a lot of work to be done here. In it's current state, everything mostly works (although untested), but is lacking key functionality.

This project started as me wanting to find a self hosted alternative to the PHP-backed YOURLS, which is very good... but doesn't feel overly modern. Origionally I was just going to stick to an API backend and call it a day, but this seemed like a nice introductory project to building a React-based front end. Start to finish, in it's base state, this project took about a week, meaning there is a lot to change, and the React is far from perfect (I'm definitely still learning).

Feature List

(In no specific order)

  • Basic API (Creating, deleting, and updating redirects) - Backend
  • Improved API (Changing codes, access control?) - Backend
  • Code refactoring and cleanup - Backend and Frontend
  • Basic Web Interface - Frontend
  • Web Interface User Authentication - Backend and Frontend
  • API Authentication - Backend and Frontent
  • Per-Redirect Stats - Backend and Frontend
  • Docker Image
  • Different DB Backend(?)
  • Searching - Frontend
  • Better Go logging - Backend
  • Better customization (Name, theme, login methods) - Frontend
  • Redirect Sorting - Frontend
  • Condensed and Comfortable UI Layouts - Frontend
  • Better UI Look and Feel - Frontend
  • Make the API more intuitive - Backend

Enviorment Variables YOU need to know

Variable Default Description
HTTP_NAME The FQDN/IP you will use to access the web interface and where the generated codes will be valid. Must begin with HTTP/HTTPS and must not end with a trailing "/".
HTTP_IP The IP to bind to. Not required if you plan on binding to all interfaces.
HTTP_PORT 80 The Port to bind the webserver to. NOTE: You will need to expose this port when creating your docker container
DB_DIRECTORY data The location the SQLite database will be stored.
DEFAULT_URL The default redirect that will occur when not specifying a code or "admin" to get to the admin interface.


docker pull

docker run --name GoElsewhere -e HTTP_NAME='https://my.url' -e DEFAULT_URL='' -p 80:80

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