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* [Erich Blume]( ([github account](
* [Kelsey Higham]( ([videogames](
* [Tim Stullich]( ([github account](
-* [Justin Walker]([github account]([Looking for Summer Internship Engineer Work])
+* [Justin Walker]( ([github account](
# Alumni

3 comments on commit 0713acd

ankme commented on 0713acd Mar 20, 2012

Thank you. I'm fairly neophyte with version control, so feel free to nudge me as needed.
Apologies for the overstep.

eblume commented on 0713acd Mar 20, 2012

No apology needed! Thanks for being bold. I much prefer it when people make the request rather than simply wonder whether or not it's OK.

It's not an overstep, btw - the club definitely wants you to get an internship. Good for you, good for the prestige of the club, good for the department, good for our degrees. I just feel like this particular page isn't the place for it.

Do feel free to make a new page for 'seeking internships' if you like. Not sure how that would be.

ankme commented on 0713acd Mar 20, 2012

Verily sound and well taken. I have a couple of ideas for contributing, but I'll read a bit and get acquainted first :)

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