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Super Tasker

  • This is a desktop Task Manager application. It has a GUI but most of the user interactions happen using a CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • It is a Java application intended for users whose workflow is similar to Jim's.

Jim's Workflow

Most of Jim’s todo items arrive as emails. This is how Jim processes his emails.

  1. Decides what is the follow up action required by that email.
  • If it can be done immediately, he does it right away (e.g., just reply to the email) and ‘archive’ the email (i.e. move it out of inbox).
  • If it cannot be done immediately, he schedules the follow up action in his calendar and archives the email. If he cannot decide a good time to do the action, he simply schedules it in a relatively free area in his calendar.
  1. When Jim is free to do some work, he looks at his calendar and picks up something that he can do at that time. Once the task is done, he marks it as ‘done’. If there is a further follow up action required, he schedules it in the calendar.
  2. Jim periodically reviews the calendar to pick items that could not be completed and need to be rescheduled or discarded as ‘cannot do’.
  3. Todo items not arising from email are dealt similarly by entering them in the calendar.

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Licence : MIT