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About Us

We are a team based in the School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

Project Team

Marcus Ng Wen Jian

Role: Team Leader

  • Components in charge of: Logic
  • Aspects/tools in charge of: Overall Project Management, Code Quality
  • Features implemented:
  • Code written: [functional code] [test code] [docs]
  • Other major contributions:
    • Contributed to first round refactoring from AddressBook Level 4 to TaskManager [#11]
    • Contributed to second round refactoring from AddressBook Level 4 to Taskell [#64]
    • Set up Codacy [#113]

Jazlyn Ang Chue Ching

Role: Developer

Madasamy Ravi Nadar Mamtha

Role: Developer

Zuo ZhuoLin

Role: Developer

Project Mentor

Akshay Narayan


We welcome contributions. See Contact Us page for more info.