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iungo - connecting connections, a Java desktop address-book application
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iungo aims to be an addressbook software for command-line aficionados. If you hate using the mouse for every small action, this application is for you!


/ˈjun.ɡoː/, [ˈjʊŋ.ɡoː]
verb - latin for connect

Target Audience

  • iungo is designed primarily for the young and the sleepless college students who have to juggle both their entertainment and work in their quest to secure better grades.

  • College students' issues:

    • You have meetings and interactions where you meet new contacts. Now that you have made friends and get along well, you might wish to save these interpersonal information on a single application solely built for the purpose of easy accessibility to their personal details!

    • While using other methods to save these information is great (like your mobile phone), adding a massive amount of information through the standard click and type method, may seem to be too slow and inefficient.

    • Sleep deprivation are common among college student who opt for entertainment (e.g. making new friends, travelling) and securing good grades.

  • Solutions:

    • iungo specifically targets these young adults who are more adept at using the keyboard, and prefers adding contacts solely with the keyboard, rather than using a mouse. As a result, most of the available commands can be done using just a keyboard.

    • iungo understands that college students often have to endure countless sleepless night and have specifically made GUI themes that is suitable for both day and nighttime usage.

  • Why is iungo addictive?

    • iungo offers a simple and efficient way to add, edit, sort, find, list, tag, add remarks, and delete contacts.

    • iungo offers a quick way to save and look up webpages of a specific contact.

    • It’s the easiest application for remembering people.

    • It’s better than Address Book - Level 4.

Current version : v1.5.0


Licence : MIT

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