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Mapping ISP topologies with RocketFuel

by: Amit Licht Hillel Merran Avichai Yefet

Installation: In order to run our rocketfuel you will nead python 2.7 and the following libraries installed:

Running Rocketfuel: First you must download a list of your target AS servers. Open in a web browser the site address[target ASN]#_prefixes (example for 012-smile And save the page in your Rocketfuel directory under the name as[ASN].htm (Example: as9116.htm) Open a terminal and go to the Rocketfuel folder. Run the program as root by typing: python Rocket fuel will ask you for the AS number you wish to map and offer a list of possible geographical maps (Israel, USA, Australia and a world map). From here, Rocketfuel will run its algorithm and print its output as it generates it.

Modules: - the main module of the program, call for it to run Rocketfuel. It contains the functions for dependent prefix, exit, ISP path detection and the functions for printing the ISP graph and geomap. - Processes and parses the information from the as[ASN].htm web page. - main code of the alias resolution module. This module try to solve the question "are in those IP addresses some aliases?" - group IP addresses by their geolocation for the alias resolution module - collect informations about addresses for the alias resolution module - run tests for the alias resolution module - tests for the alias resolution module - a union find data structure

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Mapping ISP topologies with RocketFuel






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