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This is not a required assignment.

In this set of practice problems, you will practice using the following:

  • Eclipse
  • Github
  • Unit tests
  • Math operations
  • Methods
  • Strings
  • Conditionals
  • Iteration


The goal of this set of practice problems is to help you prepare for CS 601.

By the end of the first week of the semester you will need to have mastered all of the concepts covered here. This includes the Java syntax, the submission procedure, and the problem solving required for the more complex solutions. If you find yourself struggling with these problems then you should consider completing an online Java course or carefully going through an introductory Java textbook and completing the programming exercises required.

⚠️ You should be able to complete all of these problems with little to no help from the Internet.

Though there may be partial or complete solutions to some of these questions on various sites like StackOverflow, it is expected that you solve these problems without using the Internet as a resource. If you are looking up solutions on the Internet then you are not yet ready for CS 601.

Getting Started

Here are a few tips to get you started with the programming assignments. You'll need to follow all of these steps for every lab and project assignment.

  1. Make sure you have set up your development environment. You'll need to decide how you want to access github -- using command line tools, Eclipse, to the Github Desktop tool.
  2. Set up your repository (link below under #1 of Submission Requirements) and clone a copy to your local machine.
  3. Complete all of the methods specified in each class. You should also create a Driver to run some of your own tests.
  4. Do not modify the test cases provided to you.
  5. Make sure you are passing all test cases.
  6. Make sure the latest version of your work is on github before the deadline.
  • If you are using git from the command line make sure you git add then git commit and finally git push origin master. Do not forget the last step!
  • If you are using git through Eclipse make sure to Add to Index then Commit and Push. Make sure you choose the Commit and Push option.
  1. Verify that your final solution is what you see on github.
  2. Review these tips and tricks.

Practice Questions

This practice project contains the following classes: SayHello, ConversionsHelper, Fraction, PhoneNumberTranslation, and CaesarCipher.

To complete this practice assignment, complete each class as specified by the Javadoc documentation for each method and the //TODO notes in each class.

The Javadoc for each method describes how the method must be implemented. Carefully read the documentation and implement a solution that adheres to the specifications.

⚠️ It is very important that you implement the code as specified. Just because you are passing test cases does not mean you have implemented a method correctly. Think about additional test cases you might use to make sure your solution works for all possible inputs.


It is recommended you complete the classes in the order specified above:

  1. SayHello
  2. ConversionHelper
  3. Fraction
  4. PhoneNumberTranslation
  5. CasesarCipher

Submission Requirements

  1. Use the following link to create your private github repository for this assignment. The repository will be seeded with the skeleton code, test cases, and input files. Easy Practice
  2. For full credit, make sure to follow all Style Guidelines. Points will be deducted for each violation.

Grading Rubric

This is an ungraded assignment. For most assignments, the rubric will specify the number of points awarded for passing each set of test cases, the number of points awarded for passing additional test cases not provided, the number of points for design, and the number of points awarded for following the style guidelines as described above.

Partial credit may be awarded for partial functionality and/or partially correct design or style elements.

Academic Dishonesty

Any work you submit is expected to be your own original work. If you use any web resources in developing your code you are required to cite those resources. The only exception to this rule is code that is posted on the class website. The URL of the resource you used in a comment in your code is fine. If I google even a single line of uncited code and find it on the internet you may get a 0 on the assignment or an F in the class. You may also get a 0 on the assignment or an F in the class if your solution is at all similar to that of any other student.