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R package to perform a matching analysis of two shoeprints
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Shoeprint Boosted


  1. Make sure you have the devtools package installed
  2. From R, run devtools::install_github("CSAFE-ISU/shoeprintr")
  3. (If running on the CSAFE server or another machine that restricts executing binary files) From a Terminal, run chmod +x /home/username/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.4/shoeprintr/bin/lin64/pmc replacing the path as necessary
  4. From R, Load shoeprintr by typing library(shoeprintr)
  5. Run the following sample code, modifying the input files and parameters as necessary:
    ## Load in the input and the reference images
    ## Transform all the points to have (0,0) at lower left corner.
    print_in <- leftcorner_cent(input_example)
    print_ref <- leftcorner_cent(reference_example)

    ## Perform Print Match
    print_stats <- match_print(print_in, print_ref,
			       ncross_in_bins = 30, xbins_in = 20, ncross_in_bin_size = 1,
			       ncross_ref_bins = NULL, xbins_ref = 30, ncross_ref_bin_size = NULL,
			       eps = .75, seed = 1, num_cores = parallel::detectCores(), 
			       plot = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)
  1. (Optional) We provide the pmc binary with the R package. If you would like to update this binary to use the latest development version, follow the instructions at the bottom of this README file.


  1. The cleaned up, commented, documented code as an R package. The R package will enable easy sourcing of the utility functions and seamless documentation
  2. A 10-15 slide rmarkdown presentation walking through 1) the changes, 2) the speed improvement, 3) live demo
  3. A README for the package which walks through its installation and use
  4. A spreadsheet of profiling results showing the speedup with various parameters compared to the original script

PMC Instructions

  1. Clone the pmc library
  2. Go into pmc directory
    • cd pmc
  3. Compile the library
    • make
  4. Replace the binary corresponding to your platform in inst/bin/ with the newly compiled pmc binary
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