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auto downloader for grayscale too

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1 parent 7e0bd35 commit 6f0f55612e00f27492de9bade0f1e132576cd794 @cvondrick cvondrick committed Jan 23, 2013
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@@ -23,6 +23,12 @@ Remember to also adjust your path so MATLAB can find iHOG:
If you want to use iHOG in your own project, you can simply drop the iHOG
directory into the root of your project.
+In order to use iHOG, you must have a learned paired dictionary. By default,
+iHOG will attempt to download a pretrained one from MIT for you on the first
+execution. If you wish to download it manually, simply do:
+ $ wget
Inverting HOG
8 invertHOG.m
@@ -21,6 +21,14 @@
if ~exist('pd', 'var'),
global ihog_pd
if isempty(ihog_pd),
+ if ~exist('pd.mat', 'file'),
+ fprintf('ihog: notice: unable to find paired dictionary\n');
+ fprintf('ihog: notice: attempting to download in 3');
+ pause(1); fprintf(', 2'); pause(1); fprintf(', 1'); pause(1);
+ fprintf(', now\n');
+ urlwrite('', 'pd.mat');
+ fprintf('ihog: notice: download complete\n');
+ end
ihog_pd = load('pd.mat');
pd = ihog_pd;

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